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Transmission & Distribution Building

The new Keys Energy transmission and distribution building is a two story facility that provides offices for field agents, secure storage, locker rooms for staff, and a maintenance work shop for the testing/ storage of valves and meters. 

The building is designed to withstand the increased wind loads and flood conditions of major storm events while remaining operational in the event it is needed as an emergency operations center for Keys Energy Services personnel. All major structural components are precast concrete with poured in place concrete shear walls. There are 7,800 SF of conditioned second floor office space, 400 SF of flood proofed/conditioned first floor space, and a combined total of 2,900 SF of secure ground floor storage space. The building is equipped with a stand-by generator that will power the building for 48 hours in the event of an extended power outage. The building is designed to adapt to changes in use based on emergency situations or special events. All of the circulation space is designed to accommodate designated workstations to maximize efficiency of floor space.


The building is designed to allow for maximum utilization of daylight and natural ventilation. The mechanical system is zoned with VAV’s to allow for adjustability in temperature control based on occupancy volume and personal preferences to maximize the efficiency of the mechanical system. All lighting is high efficiency with daylight and occupancy sensors to minimize the use of electricity within the building. All interior and exterior finishes are intended for low maintenance care over the lifespan of the building. This includes polished concrete floors throughout high traffic areas and public gathering spaces. Interior partition walls are designed to limit noise transmission between offices and public spaces (as well as mechanical rooms).      


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