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Reimer Residence 

The Reimer Residence was constructed in 1935 during the depths of the Depression, using construction plans drafted by the Depression-Era FERA program. The home was owned by the same Key West family for 74 years, until it was purchased and fully restored by the current owners.  The home is remarkably compact, measuring 30’ x 30’, with an additional Florida Room.  Roof gutters direct rainwater to a functioning 1935 cistern located beneath the Florida Room. The work was performed with a commitment to restoration that is rarely seen on a residential project, including period windows, window shutters, roofing, Cuban tile flooring, fixtures and furnishings, all in order to recapture the original integrity of a 1935 Key West residence.




2014 Florida Trust for Historic Preservation: Outstanding Achievement in the field of Restoration / Rehabilitation 


2014 Historic Florida Keys Foundation: Excellence in Rehabilitation and Restoration and a Ceramic Star 


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