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1927 Photo of Arch
Arch before the work
Rio Arch After

Stuart Welcome Arch

The Stuart Welcome Arch has spanned over Martin Country's Dixie Highway in its original location for over three-quarters of a century (currently Sr 707, Dixie Highway and Arch Street). When it was completed on February 20, 1926, this two-story masonry gateway marked the northern boundary of the City of Stuart. The Arch was and is once again a distinctive landmark built in the Mediterranean Revival architectural style representative of the best, high profile 1920's structures in the community. It was built, maintained and protected at its original Dixie Highway location by local organizations and government. The image of the Welcome Arch has always reflected its relationship with the creation of Martin County - and anyone who sees the Welcome Arch almost instinctively knows that is represents this county's birth and heritage.

Throughout its history, the Arch has been plagued with problems, some of which could have easily resulted in its demolition. Following each of those events, the community rallied to protect the locally significant and popular edifice.

The restoration is true to the original architects’ vision due to the efforts and dedication of the local community, most notable Helene DeBrita and Julie Preast. This project is the beginning of what will prove to be a long history of successful preservation efforts, and the recognition that this local community so richly deserves will only strengthen an already strong community resolve. 




2007 Florida Trust for Historic Preservation: Outstanding Achievement in the filed of Restoration / Rehabilitation



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