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Talomaa Residence

The home at 420 Elizabeth Street is a small one and one half story frame vernacular cottage with a 5 part façade reminiscent of the eyebrow houses around Key West.  There are two previous additions at the rear of the original structure, consisting of a 1 1/2 story main element with an interior space foot print of 18 ft. x 28 ft. (fronting on Elizabeth), and a 13’ x 28’ saw-tooth addition.  The historic property has a diminutive presence on Elizabeth Street which is significant to the neighborhood character.  This diminutive presence was respected when a minor addition was constructed on the side.

The architectural significance of the property is its scale, relationship to the street, and presentation of the south façade and east elevation.  The small size of the house required an addition to allow for contemporary use.  The Owners wanted to maintain the historic characteristics of the property.  The decision was made to preserve the original structure.  Work on this building included restoration and repair of components and paint, retaining all of the historic interior finishes.  The master bedroom was setback to about the north end of the sawtooth addition at the rear of the cottage.   All three sides of the original vernacular cottage were exposed for view from all public right of way.  No alterations to historic interiors were required since access between the historic structure and the addition is through an existing doorway to a new secondary entrance hall.  



2010 Historic Florida Keys Foundation:  Certificate of Excellence for Preservation and New Construction, and a Ceramic Star Award 



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